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P&V Elite shotgun review



Perazzi HPX MX8 custom shotgun review

HPX mx8 DSR in Clay Shooter 2015



John Jeffries custom shotguns review in Field Sports Magazine

  RSR 20 Gauge in Field Sports September 2014




Perazzi HPX RSR custom shotgun review in Shooting Gazette magazine

Perazzi HPX RSR in Shooting Gazette 2013  



Custom Shotgun review of Perazzi HPX RSR

‘Is this the most refined big sporter on the market? I think so!’
The Perazzi HPX RSR Ultimate Combo in Clay Shooter September 2013 




Perazzi Custom Shotgun review in Pull Magazine

The exciting aspect of this test was that Ian was able to adapt to the Reverse Slop Rib Concept Immediately.

 Pull Magazine March 2013 



John Jeffries custom shotgun sighting review

 The greatest advance in shotgun sighting since Joseph Mantons Elevating Rib, 1806?  To check out the best review ever. 

Clay Shooting 2012 



Perazzi custom shotgun review

“The new HPX Perrazzi RSR is something very special” says Yardley.

Sporting Shooter 2012 



Custom shotgun review in Field Sport magazine

Slender, graceful and eminently pointable are words used by Richard Atkins to describe the HPX Reference Sporter: a highly-specialised custom grade Sporting shotgun

Perazzi HPX 34 – Field Sports 2011 




Perazzi HPX Shotgun review

 Reinventing the Wheel

Don Brunt looks at the Perazzi HPX Sporter; a design that is the culmination of one man’s passion to build the ultimate all-round clay buster

Shooting Sports Magazine January 2011



Custom Perazzi shotgun review

Designed for the high bird specialist, the HPX is a bespoke version of the Perazzi shotgun that handles well, whoever’s using it, say Lewis Potter

 Shooting Times and Country Magazine 2011