Shotguns with the Best Target Vision

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Shotguns With The Best Target Vision

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Our Guns & Range

Get to know the Perugini and Visini and the Perazzi range of bespoke shotguns.

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In the Factory

Measuring Up.

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Custom Gun Fit

A custom gun service for the P&V or Perazzi, or a complete gun fitting for any other guns. Shoot to the very best of your ability with this bespoke service.

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Hi John, I shot today at clovelly and my loader told me I was the best shot he’d had there he was an ex-england shot and had been loading there for a long time. A lot of first kill barrels a credit to your gun and how it fits me, happy customer. Ian

Fired about 350 rounds this weekend. Gun performed fantastically. Shot clays out to 60+ yards. To say the gun was terrific would be an understatement, rather it was incredible. The hard birds were the close in ones with a small pattern, the birds far out were toast. My thanks for a terrific gun. George

I think the HPX is one of the best shotguns on the market. Since I have had one I’ve won the Sussex all rounder + hi-gun at sportrap at Southdown Gun Club and lots more too, thanks to John Jeffries. Kenny Bennett

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This fine pair of P & V RSR/D 33″ game guns just delivered to my …